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Digital Soundscape

April 8, 2004

From the Computer Music Journal:

Published continuously since 1977, Computer Music Journal (CMJ) is a quarterly journal that covers a wide range of topics related to digital audio signal processing and electroacoustic music. It is published (in hard copy and on-line) by MIT Press.

The people invovled with this journal know oodles about the creation of electronic music and sounds, but you won’t find their music in the ‘techno’ section of your local record store. I ran across some recordings of works people submitted for use in the journal, and I found them very interesting to listen to (especially using headphones). This clip is really more of a digital soundscape than a traditional piece of music , but what makes it so interesting is that, as far as I know, it was generated/edited solely by electronic means.

Download Audio: Antonio Russek _ Miniatura n 1