sub specie aeternitatis

Little Dog, Big Bark

September 19, 2004

My wife and I live close to campus and we often walk there together for various events (especially since my wife is still a student there for graduate studies). The closest route there is down Robins Street, a rather busy street populated by many noisy and ever so annoying dogs. One in particular is a smallish mutt who barks and barks and barks the moment he sees you until well after you are past his territory. I decided to go rile him up a bit and see if he wouldn’t perform for me. He certainly didn’t disappoint, but I’m afraid I underestimated the volume level of his bark and the recording I made is a weee bit distorted in places. Ah well. You can still get an idea of just how enthusiastic this guy is when it comes to barking at passerby.

Download Audio: Noisy Doggy