sub specie aeternitatis

Keep the oil flowin’ and the money rollin’

November 10, 2004

From a recent wired article:

But it could get much worse. As much as a third of all species will be extinct by 2050 by some estimates, said report co-author Hector Galbraith of Galbraith Environmental Sciences and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Galbraith said he also worries that entire ecosystems are being affected, which could disrupt soil creation, plant pollination and the natural cleaning of water and air. “Climate change has the potential to affect all those benefits that we get for free.”

I’ve always wondered why the environment is never an important issue in political races, and rarely mentioned in broadcast news stories. Many claim that global warming studies are faulty at best, and some even say that global warming simply is not happening. But even if you don’t believe the scientists and their little studies, shouldn’t reports cush as Observed Impacts of Global Climate Change in the U.S. at least give pause for a little bit of concern? Wouldn’t one think that an environmental policy that is harsh on big money energy producers but easier on our little planet would be at least a smart thing to consider? Wouldn’t a little inconvenience be worth the benefits to our home? Or do the powers at be truly think there is absolutely no cause for alarm? That all these scientists and countries who are concerned about this ‘little’ problem are overreacting? Am I a crazy environmental nutcase for getting even a little bit worried when I read those crazy scientists’ reports? If the earth’s climate is changing for the worse, shouldn’t more people be at least slightly alarmed? Or should I go on with life as usual, and ignore these reports and just hope they’re wrong? Maybe it’ll just go away if I ignore it long enough?