sub specie aeternitatis

Looking Back

December 31, 2004

So this is the time of the year for ‘best of’ shows, top 10s, remember the year, person of the year, etc, etc. But I’m not terribly concerned with producing a list of things to remember considering these can be had in great numbers if one were so inclined to look. My mind has been wondering back to things, or rather people in the past, that have been taking up precious brain time. Xander and Charles, wherever you are, you are greatly missed. Intracranial hemorrhages at 21 and fiery car crashes at 23 are really not the most pleasant ways to leave your pals behind. But I suppose you didn’t have much say in the matter. So here I am, still alive and kicking going into 2005, watching the world unfold with all the good things and bad things. And though that viscously persistent question of ‘why’ is never really answered, us left behind ones still push on regardless. A new year may be fast approaching, and my life still going, but you are still both sorely missed and hopefully never forgotten. For the rest of you still here, Happy New Year, and may we meet again soon.