sub specie aeternitatis

I can’t be bothered with the dead or dying, I’m on vacation!

January 2, 2005

So you’re vacationing in Thailand when the one of the worst natural disasters in history strikes the place you are vacationing. People for miles and miles up the coastland are killed, still missing, or one of the now millions homeless. People’s homes and lives are shattered, and the death toll just keeps rising. And what do you do with all this death and destruction around you? Why, you go right back to your vacation of course. Stories like this just make me want to scream. From the article:

A dozen or so foreigners were out sunbathing Saturday on Karon Beach, still littered with garbage, dead plants and leaves – a reminder of the giant waves that struck Dec. 26, killing at least 4,800 people in Thailand, more than half of them foreigners, including four Canadians. By Saturday, more than 6,000 were still missing and feared dead.

Tourists return to beaches of Thailand