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RG Studios Videos

February 21, 2005

I stumbled on RG Studio’s website recently, and loved the animation they created, but was disappointed that they didn’t have all their videos available for download. After googling for a bit, I found their videos for download from a ZDnet Korea site. If you can figure out which link to click on, they’re quite worth it. RG Studio Downloads

Update 12-31-06It seems the ZDNET Korea site no longer hosts the RG Studio files. Fortunately, Youtube appeared since my last posting, and all the files once hosted there are now available on the video sharing site. As of 12.31, here are some RG Studio vids from Youtube:Oh, and it also seems that RG Studios website changed, and that they have produced a slew of new videos. I imagine that if I were fluent in Korean I would be able to find those available somewhere else on the net.

p.s. firefox users can install unplug to download all these videos

[youtube SWgQwHLYUz0]

[youtube cZ4Lyzyyx4E]

[youtube FsmoaFHWETc]

[youtube Bayd-DIR3tE]

[youtube z_Iq4K1fhic]

[youtube VEKx2PEISdc]

[youtube al3lqywHWwQ]

[youtube mE1Iv90QbyE]

[youtube V5-NApzQwJk]

[youtube mC-5c38dxBU]

[youtube irrkHz8AMWw]

[youtube nX_Q_-UotOA]

[youtube gKF8bmvHhWg]