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High Gas Prices Aren’t All Bad

April 2, 2005

Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t like paying more for a full tank of gas. But when more people start having serious conversations about alternate forms of energy, then the higher prices don’t seem as bad anymore. In fact, part of me laughs every time I see a huge SUV pull up to the pump, the one passenger gets out, and begins filling its jumbo gas tank at $2.15 a gallon. My little Ford Escort may not be as macho, but 35 mpg sure as hell beats 12 mpg for carying one person from point A to B.

But I digress. My point is, when the driver of the big gas guzzling SUV has to keep pumping loads of cash into his beloved vehicle just to scoot around town, suddenly alternate forms of energy begin growing favorably in his mind. And if the demand for more hybrids and like minded technologies goes up, then companies produce products to meet those demands. Sure, not that many people are seriously in the market for the greener technologies, and therefore the pace of development is slower than I’d like. But if the masses continue to dump massive amounts of cash just to get around, perhaps we can finally see some changes in how Americans get from point A to point B.