sub specie aeternitatis

Grad School Here I Come

August 25, 2005

You know what is so nice about going to school again? Being surrounded by fellow music geeks. When you’ve studied for years on any given subject, it is always fun to converse with fellow geeks on aspects of your subject that most people would find too difficult to follow. And after spending a year teaching children how to clap to the beat, or how to distinguish between a high sound and a low sound, it is sooooo refreshing to talk to another human being who doesn’t stare blankly back when discussing things such as secondary functions or augmented sixth chords.

I managed to pass my aural theory, sight singing, music history II, and piano exams, but got my ass kicked by early music history and music theory (I blame the theory on part writing). Nontheless, I’m excited about the coming semester and the chance to explore, experience, and learn from my peers. There are some cray good musicians at IU, and I can’t wait jump in with them.