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Find the Dog, Get Back Your Girlfriend

September 7, 2005

This is a missing dog poster that was up right next to my apartment this morning. For some reason I found it amusing:

Looking For a Dog

I’m looking for a dog (named Boomer) lost almost one year ago around this region. He is a black lab with some white color on the neck, as shown in the picture below [ I didn’t scan the picture ] . I and my girlfriend missed him a lot since then. On 09/05/05 at around 7:00 pm, I saw a girl walking a dog in the apartment area which is exactly like my Boomer. Due to some reason I didn’t get her correct contact info. If anyone happens to see a dog like Boomer (it’s a little bit bigger than the dog in the picture, and much fatter, but you can recognize it when you see it for sure.) Please let me know.

Thank you SO MUCH.

Btw, my girlfriend just left me for some reasons. I missed her everyday and every night. Boomer is the sweetheart of both of us but we lost it one year ago. If I find Boomer, my girlfriend will be moved and probably I can have a chance to get my girl back. It’s OK if Boomer’s new owner doesn’t want to return Boomer, we just want to know our Boomer is OK, we just hope he is safe and happy. If anyone sees Boomer, PLEASE PLEASE let me know.