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CNN International: Actually Informative

July 4, 2006

North Korea, one of the worst contries in the world to be a citizen, tested some nuclear missles today. Big news in every media venue. CNN, however, pulled out a bit of a surprise and replaced their usual coverage with that of CNN International. I must say that if CNNI is any indication of what other news media is like in other parts of the world, then I REALLY wish we could get some of that coverage here in the U.S. Unlike so many of the talking head ‘news’ programs of CNN, MSBNC, FOXNews, etc, the hosts of CNNI did not attempt to awe or entertain the viewer with shouting matches between guests, overly flashy animation all over the place, followed by opinionated comments on the story allowing the viewer to obtain views on the subject simply by listening to the commentator. Instead, CNNI interviewed people who actually live IN KOREA, (vs. ‘experts’ in the U.S) and have a better understanding of the situation there, and took the time to focus on Kim Jong Il and his probable motivations for testing these weapons now. American news media seemed to focus mostly on Bush’s reaction to the missle launch, what will the U.S do, will we attack N. Korea? It was simply refreshing to get a new perspective on a global event for a change. Why do we have to be entertained while we get our news?

As a side note, CNN still had their distracting ticker placed over CNNI’s ticker. Only, you could just see the top of the ticker for CNNI. Do’h. It did seem that CNNI’s ticker didn’t scroll incessantly like CNN’s did, which would be nice. Who actually reads the ticker anyways?

Oh, and Happy Forth of July.  Seriously.  I may not agree with the currenty administration or the way things are being run in washington, but this is still one of the best countries in which to live.  Do even a little research on the conditions in N. Korea and you will be very glad you live in a place like the U.S.