sub specie aeternitatis

You Could. .

July 2, 2006

Learn a new languange.

Change your career.

Contact an old friend.

Change your diet.

Read a good book.

Watch a movie.

Cook something healthy for dinner.

Take a walk outside.

Quit your job.

Stop reading this, get in your car, and drive someplace you’ve always wanted to go.

Play with your cat (or dog).

Kiss your spouse (or significant other)

Try to smile more often.

Look at your current situation from a completely different point of view.

Try to get to know your neighbors.

Pick up a new hobby.

Learn to juggle.

Listen to your favorite album.

Dance to your favorite album.

Donate money to a good cause.

Do something to fix a problem, instead of avoiding it.

Call your best friend just to tell them you love them.

Do nothing.

You could also die tommorrow.