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MySlax Creator – Howto Install Slax to a USB Drive

October 2, 2006

Update 4-20-09: This post is old and outdated.  A newer version of MySlax Creator is here.

I spent a great deal of time (and to no avail) yesterday trying to get Kubuntu installed on my USB key. I found a few forum posts at the Ubuntu forums explaining how it was done, but, what with at least 8 not so simple steps to follow, I didn’t have much luck. Looking around at other Live Linux options, I ran across MySlax Creator, an automated windows app to install Slax (a live distro based on Slackware) to a USB key. Slax is a great little distro, and with the ability to build your own version with Modules and MySlax Creator, it makes it well worth checking out. I love being able to use my own operating system when I’m in the computer lab at school and the library, since you never know what kind of crap gets installed to those machines, plus I like having a computing environment already set up the way I like it, instead of having to tweak the lab comps to fit my liking. And the added security of not leaving an tracks on the machine (since its all loaded to ram) is always nice. Now if somebody would just make this type of app for Ubuntu, I would be a happy camper.