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Top 17 List of Pictures of Concrete Blocks! (extra platinum edition!!)

January 2, 2007

What is it with arbitrary lists of best games, best websites, ultimate guides of supremeness, and any other random list of things a blogger pulls out of his ass that are so popular on Digg? These lists are news worthy and/or highly entertaining? They must be, since they get thousands of diggs. So, keeping in the spirit of unrivaled lists of bestness, I give you’s top 17 pictures of Concrete Blocks!

17. Clipart Concrete Block

16. A Concrete Block hanging out with his friends!

15. Rebar Concrete Block!

14. Concrete Block of the Dead!

13. Hold that Soil Back Concrete Block!

12. Wounded Concrete Block

11. Poetic Concrete Block!

10. Senior Picture Concrete Block

8. Insulated Concrete Block!

7. Plasma Attack Concrete Block!

6. Concrete Block in a Stylish Blue Bag!

5. Concrete Jesus!

4. Concrete Block with Curve in the Middle Surrounded by Red!

3. I Think This Has Something to Do With Water Concrete Block!?

2. Eggrolls!

1. Carters Concrete Block, Inc!

Let’s see you top that, Digg!

(and you know what’s even worse than arbitrary lists? people who submit their own worthless stories to digg. d’oh!)