sub specie aeternitatis

Damn, I’ve got it good

February 1, 2007

Watching something like this documentary makes you realize how good it is to not live in hell. Did you know that in North Korea that when someone breaks a law, his entire family including 3 following generations are punished by being sent to prison camps? And did you know that in these prison camps they are tortured day after day with absolutely no hope of ever getting out? And in some places they use these people as test subjects for chemical weapons experiments? Watching this makes me wonder how, just how can the human species have such wealth, prosperity, happiness on one hand, and a complete living hell on the other. How come I have never gone a single day in my life without eating and a North Korean child has nothing but pain and hunger and sadness to look forward to on the other hand? So much beauty and filth on the same canvas. This seems to be the human predicament.