sub specie aeternitatis

Losing the Flow

March 12, 2007

I worked 9 hours today. 4 at lunch. 5 at dinner. Came away with $120 in cash. Little over $13/hour. Not bad for a student job, I spose. Lost the flow of things at dinner, though. There are a number of factors that contribute to how smoothly you can take care of your tables, and if several of them get out of wack (the kitchen is a little slow with food for one table, then the next table takes too long to order, yet another needs extra yogurt sauce, etc), then you find yourself running around trying to catch up even though you only have 3 tables.

I’ve started riding my scooter again with the warmer weather. I forgot how much I love driving that little blue 49cc engine with a seat. 100mpg can’t be beat, and it gets me to the restaurant faster than driving since I can take a direct route through campus that I can’t with my car. And with the campus on spring break there was nobody around me while I drove home. Only had to stop once. I love not stopping at stop signs. Wonder when I’ll finally get pulled over for that. You don’t have to register a 49cc vehicle, but I imagine they still have to follow traffic laws.

I can’t wait ’till vacation. 2 months until I leave for Japan. No working, a REAL bathtub (not this shitty excuse for a bathtub I’ve got, that I can’t even fit my whole body in. You know, at my in-laws house, I have to duck just to get from room to room but I can fit my whole damn body in the tub. The Japanese don’t mess around when it comes to taking baths), and yummy food. Mmmm.. vacation….