sub specie aeternitatis

Stupid Taxes

March 13, 2007

Finally finished my taxes. Had to file for the IRS, Indiana, and Arkansas. Such a pain in the ass. Funny how I am such a technophile, but still do my taxes by hand. Guess with the schedule d’s, 1’s, and any other extra special schedules I get to file it seems trying to do it all online wouldn’t be possible. Of course, I didn’t really check, but I make myself feel better if I insist it had to be done by hand. Ended up owing Federal, Indiana, and Arkansas governments a grand total of around $650. Not bad really. Certainly better than last year. America doesn’t have universal health care or really much in the way of social services like Japan or Europe does, but on the other hand taxes do seem to be lower than what I imagine they are in those crazy socialist countries. Is is worth it though? Can you afford health care with the fewer taxes you pay? Are you responsible enough with your money to save for retirement? Do you make enough for all the expenses life throws at you? Should the government be more responsible to help you out? All questions I can’t answer.

May 18th. We think we’re leaving for Japan on May 18th. Sweet Lord Holy Jesus make it get here as fast as you can. I’m just about sick of waiting tables. ‘Cause you know what is most unfun in a most unpleasant sort of way? Putting a smile on your face and being friendly to customers when you would rather dump that ice cold pitcher of water all over their whiny, rich ass face when they ask for water without ice AFTER you’ve already poured an entire glass full of nice, refreshing, ice water. Because that would just be too much trouble wouldn’t it? Nope, you can’t sit at the table for 2 people, even though you have only 2 people in your party. You’re so special you need to sit at the big booth made for 4, with your water no ice, which dishes are vegetarian again, and can we have some napkins even though they are already on the buffet table but we’re too lazy to get up and get them ourselves, and also could we get some lemon now too, punk ass? Yes, let me smile and get you everything you ask for. I would quite love to do that, ma’am. Ignore the nervous twitch in my pitcher hand. No, really, its nothing. I would be HAPPY to get you everything you need, RIGHT AWAY.

So, yeah, I’m ready for vacation.

Oh, and it was a fantastically beautiful day outside.