sub specie aeternitatis

Miami Bound

June 25, 2007

So I’ve been officially accepted to the University of Miami.  Heading there in just over a month (or earlier if I can pull it off).  And finally I’m heading off to do what I want to do this time.  Going to get a masters degree in electronic music.  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get into an environment where I can learn about digital audio and get feedback from people who enjoy this type of music as much as I do.  No more education classes, no more student teaching,  no more band, no more saxophone lessons.  I get to take classes that teach, actually teach me how to synthesize sound, how to manipulate sound, and how to create some awesome stuff electronically.  I cannot wait.  Especially considering how awesome the studio is in Miami.

But until I go, I’ve still gotta go to work just about every day.  I’ve still gotta hang around Bloomington.  I’m ready to go now, to get out of this place which has sucked 2 years from my life without giving back (and, okay, so its probably mostly my fault here).  Until I go though, I’ve gotta brush up on my music theory.  Found a few sites worth looking at later.  Just hafta wait and see what I can accomplish till then.