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Living in the Middle

January 21, 2008

We got a notice from the apartment managers today stating that one of our neighbors complained that we were making too much noise this morning.  I could go on for quite a while on how ridiculous it is for someone to complain about us making noise as I am almost always the one who has to complain about someone else.  What makes this instance really annoying is that they were complaining about my wife’s piano playing this morning around 8am.  I can understand on one hand that it probably woke them up since most college students are in bed late and out of bed late.  However, she played with the damper pedal down the entire time and she really didn’t play very loudly at all.

But here is where we get to the real problem of our apartment.  The insulation here is terrible.  Completely atrocious.  Whenever our upstairs neighbors walk around we hear their footsteps.  When they have a conversation, we hear their voices.  When they have a loud party until 3am, yeah, we hear that too.  So I am sure that even though my wife was playing pretty quiet even that sound carried through very well to our downstairs neighbors, waking them up and prompting them to file a complaint with the management.  This is why I hate living in an apartment that is on the second floor in the middle of the building.  We have neighbors above, below, and beside us meaning that every time I play my music I am serenading three different tenants.  Makes me miss my apartment in Miami.  I was on the first floor with neighbors on 2 sides and above me, but the construction was newer and I never heard anything nor did anyone complain about my music.  If only I had a couple hundred grand lying around, then I’d just go out and buy a house and play my music as loud as I wanted to (or really as loud as my wife could stand it).