sub specie aeternitatis

Watch out, it’s a blog post about the weather!

January 2, 2008

Well not completely it isn’t, but it was 3f this morning, with a wind chill of around -13 so I suppose maybe it would be worth mentioning? But then again, probably not since everyone else around the country had exceptionally low temperatures today. It’s just that when you have to get to work either by riding a little Honda scooter or taking the bus, these types of things weigh more importantly in your mind than they would if you just got in your car as normal. Since my car was stolen in Miami a month and a half ago, I’ve really noticed how disconnected I can get from my environment when I drive places. Even when it is 3 outside, I just have to let my car idle for a bit longer and then I have a somewhat warm car to get into. It shelters you from your environment and encourages you to forget about the world around as you travel. Get in your car, adjust the temperature so it is comfortable, turn on some enjoyable music and forget about the passing scenery.

Things are completely different when I am on my scooter. The temperature of course is the first thing you notice, no matter if it is freezing cold or really hot. I also am very aware of the weather forecast if I am going to be taking it to work. Will it rain later today? There is nothing fun about being stuck at work and the only way home is to drive your little scooter back home in the pouring rain. Will it be too cold? Too windy? Is the road in good condition or are there slippery spots? A tiny ice patch may not be a big deal in a car, but on two narrow tires you have to be aware of these things. So when I’m driving my scooter I notice every little detail and pot hole in the road. Whereas I just stay between the lines in the car, I pay special attention to larger holes or puddles and the like when I’m on my scooter because hitting these things can be anywhere from unpleasant to dangerous.

So while I do wish I still had my car (and who would want to have lost $13k?), I guess I can say that I appreciate the weather a bit more than I did because it can make a big impact on how I get from point A to point B.