sub specie aeternitatis

Dream Diary: 2-13-08

February 13, 2008

My dream was quite a bit longer than I remember.  But before the very last, very vivid, part I just remember tiny blips.  Something about being in the IU music building at some strange practice rooms.  Telling somebody that I knew where Neriki’s office was.  And some other random visual flashes that I can’t translate into words.

This is what I do remember:  I am lying down on some cot in a very dark stone room.  Although you would not know from looking around this stone room (which is lit by torches), I somehow know that it is part of an imposing building owned and run by the church.  I don’t know why I am lying in this dungeon like room, only that I am starting to feel frightened by lying here in the cold, dark room.  Suddenly, I see a figure disappear around a corner.  Although it may make no sense, this is terrifying to me.  I am gripped with fear, and try to call out for help.  My voice doesn’t work.  Becoming even more frightened, I struggle and concentrate as hard as I can to force my voice to work so I can cry out for help.  I am really terrified now, and began squirming around on my cot all the while trying to call out for help.

I feel a hand shaking me, and I am pulled from my nightmare by my wife who says I was crying out softly, although she couldn’t understand what I was trying to say.  I lie there for a little while with a feeling of utter fear still pulsing within me.  I get up, go get a glass of tea.  When I go back to bed, I flip though the channels on TV to distract my mind.  Watching nothing interesting for 10 minutes, I click it off, close my eyes, and go back to sleep.  This time without dreaming at all.