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Why Can’t All Days Be Like That?

February 5, 2008

Yesterday was my best day ever waiting tables. Went home at the end of the day with $210. Not too shabby for 9 hours of work. Or at least not too shabby for someone who isn’t quite as far in life as to have a nice, stable full time job. For now I suppose I can satiate myself with $23/hour. Now if I could just get that many people to come into the restaurant every day, at that rate I could make a little over $50k/year. Of course I would have to work 6 days a week all year long with no vacation or extra days off to pull that off. Waiting tables is decent money for students or those waiting to get into a better line of work. It’s hell if you’re stuck there with no good prospects of a better career.

Also, if anyone knows of any tricks on how to get my cats to shut up in the morning I am all ears. We have taken to locking them both in our bedroom at night because otherwise they chase each other around and eventually end up in a more serious fight complete with those lovely cat screams. They can’t do that if they’re in our little bedroom, but it is still amazing the amount of noise two cats can make at 4am. Especially when one wants to get a nice full night’s rest. Nothing quite as enjoyable as getting up at 6:30am, defeated. Walking to the kitchen to feed the victorious cats, who promptly go find a nice cozy place to snooze after having successfully obtained and enjoyed their breakfast. I think today will be a great day for a little snooze in between shifts. If the cats don’t wake me up to try to get an early dinner.