sub specie aeternitatis

Calculus Tests and Broken Audio Hardware

July 11, 2008

Just finished with Calculus test number 2. I know I missed at least 5 points, probably more. Overall, I think I did O.K, but at this point I’m hoping for a B really. An A would be fantastic, but, hey, at least a b would be acceptable I suppose.

And I do like the computer lab in the music library. Mostly, I like the fact that each computer has a nice pair of headphones. But, it seems there have been some naughty people stealing the 1/4′ adapters that these headphones need to plug into the Head Amps they have at each station. So, half of them won’t plug in, and then half of those that do have the adapters don’t seem to be working anyways. Or at least, the computer I was just on had a loose connection on the female end so I was getting only the left channel. And the one I’m at now seems to be at the cusp of non functionality as every once in a while I lose my stereo image for a split second. Guess that means I need to sit really still.

I interviewed for a job with UITS on Wed. It’s just a job working in the computer lab as an attendant and the pay is a rather pathetic $7.50/hour. But it’s a computer job. Wonder if I’ll even get it. . . . .

And, oh yeah, I turned 26 yesterday.  Closing in on 30 and still no real job.  At least I’m not alone.  There are others from JHS 2000 that have college degrees and as yet don’t have jobs like myself.  A college degree alone is no guarantee of good employment.