sub specie aeternitatis

Too Stinky to Eat

July 15, 2008

It was dead at the restaurant last night.  So dead that by 7:45 everyone had left and we had an empty dinning room (a rarity).  Shortly after the place had cleared out, a couple comes in with their child.  I tell them they are welcome to sit anywhere they like and they being scanning the dinning room for a suitable table.  They pick out table 12, one of the booths, and start to sit down.  The dad tells me they need a high chair and I start to walk towards the back to get one.  But he stops me and asks “Is it the carpet that is making that smell”?.

I stop for a second, sniff in a big breath of air, and smell nothing.  A couple sat at that same table earlier in the evening and didn’t notice anything and I certainly haven’t smelled anything foul all night.  I say “I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t smell anything bad”.

He replies “Well I’m sure if I stay here for 10 minutes I will stop smelling it too”

I tell him he is welcome to move to any other table or even eat outside if he likes.  He starts walking around the dining room and I again start walking to the back to fetch the high chair.  Before I can get to the back, he again speaks up.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot stand this smell when I eat”

I look back and he and his wife are getting out of their chairs to leave.

“Okay” is all I bother to say.

Some people, I think, are just too strange to bother caring about.