sub specie aeternitatis

A Post Created by Voice Recognition

August 31, 2008

Let me test this out and see if it works.  It is rather strange to dictate the text instead of typing it.  In fact it’s rather frustrating at the moment because every single sentence I speak I have to correct.  And unlike talking to yourself out loud it’s hard to say exactly what you want without adding extra words such as ‘um’, or ‘you know’.  And it’s certainly difficult not to add expletives when the program does not do what you think it should.  It is nice not to have to type and I suppose it does save my wrists a little bit.


I just told it to go to a




new paragraph.  And this is what happened.  So it is far from perfect.  In fact I find myself speaking very short sentences because it is hard to figure out exactly what to say in a long sentence.  I must say though, that it does seem to getting better at recognizing my speech and if I were to become more proficient at this than perhaps it would become easier to create blog posts like this than it is typing them.

I wonder if I will actually be able to write worthwhile and interesting stuff by dictating instead of typing.  On the one hand it does seem easier to simply talk to the computer.  But on the other hand, it may take a while for me to be able to think about what to write while I’m talking out loud instead of typing.  I am finding it quite difficult to keep my train of thought going.  I suppose that’s because this is entirely new for me.  When I am typing I can use almost all of my brain power to concentrate on what I am writing.  Dictating is completely new for me.  I’ve not had much time to practice dictating so when I’m trying to write something I have to concentrate not only on what I am trying to write but also on how to get the computer to write what I want it to.  I’m hoping that if I continue to practice dictating than the process will become that much easier.  At the moment it is extremely frustrating, but even as I write this blog post I feel I’m getting just that much better at it.

Of course when you don’t see in this post are all the corrections I’ve had to make.  For example, in the previous paragraph when I said ‘blog post’, it first wrote out ‘bloc posed’, and then when I tried to say it in this paragraph it came up with ‘Balog post’.  Needless to say I spend a lot of time saying the things like ‘delete that’, or ‘correct Balog post’.  And I also wonder if I might end up creating longer posts filled with more fluff than I would if I were simply typing them.  Not to mention my throat will become dry easily if I’m constantly dictating and correcting what I am trying to dictate.

Guess we’ll just wait and see what happens from here.