sub specie aeternitatis

And The Tables Keep Coming

August 23, 2008

I wonder how much longer I’ll be waiting tables.  I’ve started working towards a degree in computers science and the idea is that some day I’ll actually have a real job.  One where I can work during the day.  It really would be nice to have every evening to myself and not dedicated to serving other people.  90% of the customers who walk into the restaurant are nice people.  It’s those 10% pain-in-the-ass customers that can ruin a night.  Of course I might not end up in a job that is exactly what I want in computer science either.  I’m sure there are some great places to work and people to work with, but then I’ve heard there are just as many terrible places to spend your life.  Here’s to hoping I can find myself in a really nice place in 4 years.

In other news, Peter Hamilton’s books keep entertaining me.  I’ve gone through the Reality Dysfunction, then the Neutronium Alchemist and now I’m working through The Naked God.  But don’t try to start in the middle.  I got halfway through part I of the Neutronium Alchemist before I realized it was actually book three in the whole series.  I mean, it does say Part I on the cover.  Sometimes these series books can be confusing when it comes to figuring out which number it is in the series.  But on the good side, at least Hamilton finishes his series before he dies like Robert Jordan.  I gave up with the wheel of time after the 7th book.  It was just dragging on waaay to long.  Just like this post. . . .