sub specie aeternitatis

New Projects, Upcoming Semester

August 14, 2008

Whew!  Finally finished the intense summer session of Calculus I.  I was completely unprepared for what I getting into.  And the final grade shows, a C+.  Damn, but I haven’t received a C in a class since my one bad semester in undergraduate at UCA.  Ah well.  Nothing I can do except work twice as hard in Calculus II this next semester.  And I’m finally taking a computer science class this fall too.  I’m sure it will be intense, but hopefully I can push myself hard enough so that I get a lot out of the class.

I am recording another episode of Spectrum Analysis in two hours.  If there were ever an example of my start and quit strategy on projects it would have to be that podcast.  I remember planning that out in the beginning of 2006 when I was still working at Super 8.  But I suppose I should be a little thankful that I haven’t completely given it up and and going to try to record some more episodes.  Oh, and I have yet another project in the works.  So far this one seems more promising, but as always, I must take my progress with a huge does of salt.  Give me a few weeks and if I’m still going this strong, then we can discuss some congratulations and so forth.