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Why Can’t I Get These Speeds at Home?

September 8, 2008

I was wanting to back up some field recordings I did onto my web server. These are uncompressed wavs, very big and would take AGES to upload at home with Comcast. Luckily, Indiana University is faster. Much, much, faster. So fast, in fact, that they make my Comcast connection feel worthless. I was uploading 5 files each at over 900KB/s, for a grand total of 4.5 megabytes/second. Comcast tells the world that they need to limit the total monthly throughput of their customers while I can get on a different set of pipes in the same town, upload at roughly 30 times faster and not have my total throughput limited. I wish I knew how these intertubes worked. Maybe then I wouldn’t be so confused about why home connections always suck. Is it the last mile? The cost of upgrading infrastructure too great? Too little competition? Or should I stop whining and accept my connection speeds without question?