sub specie aeternitatis

An Email from Xander, Monday, February 11, 2002 9:36:20 PM

September 9, 2009

Why is the tummy a yummy bo bummy? B/c I’m a yummy MO MUMMY!!! MRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAR!
done is my man who forgets how to slam! when he will find its to stick and to kind? and blow me out of my mind? for hot is saucey for the tomaterz!
I am sooooo bakedified
if I forget how to dream
and neverĀ figure out what they mean
before I grow old
I’ll kill my heart’s beat so my toes will be tagged and cold
because I want my dream to stream through the sky like behind a plane, my thoughts my mind a little jet with streaming dreams behind it
and dying won’t be a prize before my eyes or a consolation realize … I will just taste the darkness with integrity, to have died for a dream, or lack therof.
to have died for hope
to have died
for love

no wait
I said I love you
I want to cup your face in my hands
kiss your forehead
and feel your soul
purring beneath your skin
listening for your heart’s vibration
I want to tune myself in
and take a dip
in that beautiful stream
just to kiss and get a sip
of the sweet liquid
poured out of your dreams
this milk that nourishes your friends
the milk that makes it all worth it
I love you
come into the moment
the now
and realize it is not a lie
realize how true it rings