sub specie aeternitatis

Dream 9/30/09

September 30, 2009

From what I remember:

Wife and I are on a vacation to Mexico.  We meet another couple we know.  We say hello, pleasantries and all that, then go different ways.  The city we are in has a very carnival atmosphere, only a Mexican carnival (whatever that means).  We meet the same couple again, decide to hang out together.  It starts getting late we try to find a hotel.  We find a place, but when we ask for rooms, we are told there is only one big room with lots of beds.  The manager shows us around.  All the beds are king sized beds, put next to each other, but separated by curtains.  He pulls back all the curtains one by one to introduce us to the people staying in the beds.  Somehow this seems important to him.  But we decide to go elsewhere.

Fast forward.   We find some person’s house to stay.   We spend the night.  But the next morning the owner of the house comes and says that one of us tried to hit on his teenage daughter and so he will punish us.  Flash forward and wife and I and the other couple are tied to a giant slingshot, where the crazy man is going to shoot us far into the sky to kill us.

The Beatles Hey Jude starts playing.  I wake up, realizing that wife is really playing the song downstairs while eating breakfast.  Hey Jude keeps going through my head all morning.