sub specie aeternitatis

Random Things I’ve Been up to Lately

September 12, 2009

Learning how to invert Matrices and having fun with reduced echelon form.

Expanding my classical music collection and attempting to correctly tag all the files.  I’m now re ripping my CDs to FLAC.  Hard drive space is cheap and expansive, why not have a bit for bit copy of the CD?

Still driving my little 49cc Honda Metropolitan around town.  I think I have around 3800 miles or so now.  Bought it with 400 miles on it, so that means that if I traveled at an average speed of 25 mph, I’ve spent 136 hours riding that little thing.  That’s a lot of trips back and forth to school and work.  And at an average of 100mpg, that’s only 34 gallons of gas.

Working of course.  Still at the Afghan restaurant and typing this as I work in the 2nd floor library computer center.

Just finished reading a Murakami book, Kafka on the Shore.  I enjoyed it, even if I don’t think I quite understood everything.

Jogging most mornings.  Don’t usually go too long now that school has started back.  I think my usual run is about 3.5 miles or so or around 30 minutes.

Read two very good books about running.  One was also by Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, and also the very good Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall.  Both worth a read even if you aren’t a runner.

Read the first Manga I’d ever read in my life, the last few chapters of Kenshin to be precise.  Much better than the end of the Anime, although I have to admit that the Samurai X prequel was awesome.  Or I should say the first 4 OVA was good.  Don’t think I’ll even watch the last 2 as it looks too sad an ending compared to the Manga.

Watching a lot of cool videos with Neil Degrasse Tyson.  Like this one.

Hmmm.. is this all?  It’s all the springs to mind at the moment.  Oh well, it wasted a good bit of time and now I can clock out, go home, change, and head off to job no.2 for the day.  I can go home, chill out, grab a nice beer in another 6 – 7 hours.