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No More TV for Me

October 4, 2009

My wife and I decided to get rid of our cable.  Actually it was more of my wife’s decision than mine.  Looking for ways to spend less money every month, our $35 we were giving to Comcast for a bucket of programming we almost never watched seemed a good candidate for the ax.  I haven’t watched regular tv in ages and the few shows that interest me (like Mythbusters, Nova, Family Guy) I either download or watch online.  When I started downloading her programs like Project Runway and she even watched less and less on the actual television, she said go ahead, cancel it.

Comcast technicians cut the television signal yesterday and I removed the tv from the living room this morning.  I love it.  I wish we would have done this sooner.  On the rare occasions I sat in front of the tv it seemed I would either be flipping through dozens of channels not finding anything of value or watching commercials waiting for something halfway decent to appear.  Shows downloaded or even on Hulu or so much better as you watch on your time and avoid (at least on downloaded versions) commercials which saves you time.  And money in this case since we no longer pay for cable.  Even with digital cable and “on-demand”, it was terrible compared to what I can already get on my computer and the internet.  In fact, Comcast’s on-demand was all in all worthless.  There was always a small smattering of free movies or shows (although always older releases and usually not worth watching) and their premium movies were crazy expensive.  We already pay for a Netflix subscription and their Watch-It-Now selection is far superior to Comcast and if there is a premium movie we want it goes in the queue and comes to our door in a few days.  And since we don’t watch live sports, there really isn’t anything cable offers us that we can’t already get from our Netflix and Internet subscriptions.