sub specie aeternitatis

Old Military Road, 9am

Several weeks back, I went out searching for a quiet spot to record that was still close to the city limits. It was still somewhat early, around 9am when I was out and about, but finding a spot with little vehicle noise is hard to find. In my recording session, I don’t think I went […]

Inside a Nature Reserve

Before you get any grand ideas about this nature reserve allow me to say that the Jewel E. Moore nature reserve on the UCA campus is only 8 acres and surrounded by major roads, so it is hardly a peaceful escape from the always noisy city environment. Therefore, this recording will have automobile noise as […]

The smell of coffee in the morning.

I am not a coffee drinker. Even with loads of sugar, creamer, milk, whatever, I do not care for coffee at all. But I absolutely do love the smell of it in the morning. So when my wife brews her cup of coffee in the mornings, I love to hang around the coffee pot and […]

There goes mr. choo choo

Anyone who has ever lived even close to a railroad knows just how loud they can be. Even if you discount their 90+ db horn blast, just the sound of these massive machines barreling down the track is enough to disrupt the normal sound flow. This is a one minute snipit of the last bit […]

Fun Times with Piccolo Warmups

I bet not too many people have heard a section of marching piccolos warming up for a football game. And if you are one of those people, then today is your lucky day. This recording sports 10 piccolos tuning their fine instruments (bet you didn’t know you could tune a piccolo eh?), plus you can […]

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