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Windows EULA: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Mr. Laporte and Mr. Thurrott, I couldn’t agree more: [audio:ww3.mp3]


3 days until we move. Things are starting to get packed, services switched, cancelled, or ordered. I have ordered DSL at the new apartment, but will likely take several days after we move in to be up and working, so my internet access may be down for a little bit. In the meantime, enjoy some […]

Neat Nicene

Religious customs that may seem ordinary to some may seem odd to others. Even between different denominations of Chritians in the U.S, small differences are reason enough for some to stay away from some churches and embrace others. To the unaquainted, some traditions can appear a little odd to just plain, well, silly. I never […]

Pet Speak

I don’t know what it is, but cute little things often make us speak in high pitched, ‘oh aren’t you the cutest thing’ voices. Not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily. In fact, the way we talk to our pets is sometimes just as funny as our pets are. This is my girlfriend talking to […]

Arkansas Hall Soundtrack: Arkansas Drummer part 2

Its those amazingly talented, yet acutely annoying Arkansas Hall drummers back for some more action. Download Audio: Arkansas Hall Soundtrack – Arkansas Drummer part 2

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