sub specie aeternitatis

Dream 9/30/09

From what I remember: Wife and I are on a vacation to Mexico.  We meet another couple we know.  We say hello, pleasantries and all that, then go different ways.  The city we are in has a very carnival atmosphere, only a Mexican carnival (whatever that means).  We meet the same couple again, decide to […]

Heidi Klum is my Mother, Apparently

You can’t help but wonder sometimes, do my dreams mean something?  Some dreams have apparent meaning in relation to something in your life yet others seem to come straight from bizzaro land.  But do those bizzaro land dreams have some sort of hidden meaning?  Is your brain trying to process some subconscious memory?  I wish […]

Dream Diary: 2-13-08

My dream was quite a bit longer than I remember.  But before the very last, very vivid, part I just remember tiny blips.  Something about being in the IU music building at some strange practice rooms.  Telling somebody that I knew where Neriki’s office was.  And some other random visual flashes that I can’t translate […]

Dream Diary: 1/29/08

At a school, but not seeming to be a student.  The school is VERY large, also seeming to house all grades.  I don’t remember much of the dream except two key parts.  First, I remember a huge cavernous room on the side of the school that is in ruins.  It is almost completely dark, and […]

Dream Diary – January 19th

I was in some sort of contest in which I could win a Dodge Viper if I could race to be the first one to the car.  It was dark, and I ran really hard to make it, and jumped in the car.  I thought I was the first one there and was feeling incredible, […]