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Learning Without Doing

From The Brain that Changes Itself, a fascinating book about brain plasticity: He would study the way thoughts change the brain by using TMS to observe changes in the finger maps of people learning to play the piano.  One of Pascual-Leone’s heroes, the great Spanish neuroanatamist and Nobel laureate Santiago Ramon y Cajal, who spent […]

My Thoughts Exactly, Mr. Kay

Reading a great interview with Alan Kay about computers and education, I came across this gem: Q: What do you think of the current trend toward one-to-one computing in schools, in which every kid has his or her own laptop or handheld? A: Well, that’s why I invented the idea of the Dynabook [Kay’s 1968 […]

Dear God

An Assignment for C211

So we’re supposed to create some sort of elementary web page for C211.  My blog here is running on wordpress and I’m using a wordpress theme that I’ve hacked just a little bit to get it more to my taste (the original orange from the theme was not working for me). So since I didn’t […]

Carl Sagan on Skepticism and Wonder

An interesting read: Carl Sagan on Skepticism and Wonder

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