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Guide to Slax on a USB Drive

Update 4-20-09: This guide is rather old and out dated.  There is a newer version of MySlax creator at a new address. I’ve mentioned before how MySlax Creator makes it simple to install Slax to a USB drive. Since I use Slax on my USB key whenever I use the computer lab at school, I […]

Shewbox Software Roundup 2004

Being a long time computer user, I always find it interesting to see what different software people use to accomplish the same task. If a friend or coworker is showing me something on their computer, I look to see if they use different software than I do for tasks such as internet browsing, office, media […]

Audio Filter Intro

In an attempt to educate myself on all things electroacoustic, I have been scrounging around for various sources of knowledge and studying them. Since the internet is full of curious people who happen upon little known places randomly, I thought I might reciprocate some of this knowledge. Please understand I am NOT an expert on […]