sub specie aeternitatis

Wedding Bells

Getting married today. (insert mushy romantic excerpt here) No big fancy wedding. Just my parents, little brother and her parents are here from Japan. Should be interesting to have her parents and mine meet since my parents speak no Japanese and her parents know zero english.

Moving Time

If you are seeing this msg, it means that has successfully moved hosting servers to Pair networks. Although I get minor traffic, it should still be more reliable and faster than my previous host.

Song Fight Entry

From songfight’s website: posts a title, people make songs for that title, the songs are posted on this page, people decide which they like best, and vote for their favorite. Basically, once a week, three song titles are posted from which people create songs. Then, the songs are posted and people vote on their […]

Testing. . .

Putting the blog back together. Testing to see if it works.

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