sub specie aeternitatis

Just Because I Needed to Post Something

Warning:  Random Rant Ahead: Still cool this morning.  As I got out of bed this morning and was fumbling around in the dark to turn on the light and put on some clothes I continued the conversation I’ve been having with myself every morning for the last few weeks:  I can’t wait until I get […]

I Know This is True from Experience

Serge Lang, a math professor at Yale, used to give his Calculus students a fairly simple algebra problem on the first day of classes, one which almost everyone could solve, but some of them solved it as quickly as they could write while others took a while, and Professor Lang claimed that all of the […]

Why Can’t People Just Worry About Themselves?

I work in the main library as a computer consultant Saturday mornings at 8am.  This part of the library is open 24 hours/day (and is 95% a huge computer lab), which is great for the few souls who want to study at such odd times.  Mostly it’s empty though, which I like because that means […]

I am Not a Clock

Know what I don’t like?  When a person at a table asks me my name.  I am there to serve you food, not become your next best friend.  I don’t care to know your name and I don’t care for you to know mine.  What always makes it worse is that those that want to […]

Testing nextGen Gallery

[nggallery id=1]At work in the main library on a bitter cold, slow winter morning.  Thought I’d find some new WordPress plugins.  You’ll see a del.ici.ous plugin on the right sidebar and I’ll test out an image gallery plugin using this post.

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