sub specie aeternitatis

A Little Note From 1844

On my rounds in the computer lab in the music library I ran across a book called Music Explained to the World by F.J Fetis, originally written in French.  Seeing the date 1844 stamped on the front (this copy was a newer printing) I opened it at the introduction and found Fetis’ thoughts interesting enough […]

Damn You, Missing 1 gb of Ram!

I have 4 sticks of ram plugged into my motherboard for a total of 4 gigabytes.  And I know, I know, you will most likely not see all 4 gigs of it showing up in Vista.  But, still, it’s not fun when you have several programs open all using hundreds of megabytes of ram so […]

Another Semester in the Bag

Two hours and 15 minutes after starting there were still at least 18 people (including myself) still working on our computer science final.  As was the case with the mid-term I found myself really starting to get into the groove after 2 hours of work and wished I had had at least 30 more minutes […]

Expensive Bits

My new AT&T plan is the cheapest family plan they have.  I do not want to pay extra to send text messages and I don’t want to pay extra for a data plan.  So if I were to send and/or recieve data through the phone anyways, AT&T will charge me $10.24 per megabyte I transfer.  […]


Just a little food for thought: According to wikipedia: Enthusiasm originally meant inspiration or possession by a divine afflatus or by the presence of a god. And I might be mistaken here, but I believe it is taken from the greek entheos, which literally means ‘the god within’.  Puts a different spin on the word, […]

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