sub specie aeternitatis

Improv Everywhere Grand Central Station

[youtube jwMj3PJDxuo]

Finally We Are No One

Feeling like listening to some Múm this morning [audio:noone.mp3]

Out of My Hands

If there is one thing I really cannot stand about waiting tables, it is not having any control over who walks in the door when.  Or to narrow that statement down further, I hate it when it has been a slow shift and, after I have prepared everything to get ready to go home, people […]

Dream Diary: 1/29/08

At a school, but not seeming to be a student.  The school is VERY large, also seeming to house all grades.  I don’t remember much of the dream except two key parts.  First, I remember a huge cavernous room on the side of the school that is in ruins.  It is almost completely dark, and […]

Miami vs. Bloomington

This is the difference between living in Miami and now living in Bloomington again:

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