sub specie aeternitatis

New Comment Captcha

Ah, the joys of comment spam.  In an effort to prevent me having to keep marking comments as spam, I’m trying out a simple captcha plugin for wordpress:  Did you Pass Math? I do find it amusing how I have practically no human visitors to my site but spam bots manage to find me just […]

Please stop walking around so loudly?

I found a little yellow sheet of paper tucked neatly under my door as I came home from work this afternoon. As I mentioned before, our downstairs neighbor is unhappy with the amount of noise we are making. Apparently, we are now making too much noise by walking around in “an aggressive manner”. Playing the […]

Living in the Middle

We got a notice from the apartment managers today stating that one of our neighbors complained that we were making too much noise this morning.  I could go on for quite a while on how ridiculous it is for someone to complain about us making noise as I am almost always the one who has […]


Smarmy is my new favorite word.  Not for its definition (excessively or unctuously flattering, ingratiating, servile), but because it popped into my head the other day and its fun to say.  Smarmy. oooh, and don’t forget you can be smarmier than someone or even the smarmiest around!

Dream Diary – January 19th

I was in some sort of contest in which I could win a Dodge Viper if I could race to be the first one to the car.  It was dark, and I ran really hard to make it, and jumped in the car.  I thought I was the first one there and was feeling incredible, […]

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