sub specie aeternitatis

Getting Into a Bad Routine

I realized today that I am getting back into my bad habit of working a lot and neglecting my other interests.  I am working quite a bit, but I still have enough time to accomplish some of the things I want done if only I forced myself to actually do them.  Monday through Friday I […]

Random Recent Thoughts

Why is it so hard to get video to play reliably in Linux? I download some old TV shows to watch and they end up getting way out of sync after a while. If you are at a restaurant late, and everyone else leaves and you are the only one still there and the staff […]

Wishing for an Open Mobile Platform

Hamid brought in some sort of newer Palm device his boss at Super 8 is selling today.  It has a nice large screen and seems somewhat easy to navigate.  I couldn’t help but wonder though, who uses Palms any more?  They have been replaced by Blackberries and even Palm phones, and I don’t think that […]

Carlos’ Ninth Symphony

This piece suddenly started repeating itself in my head this morning. I wonder though, was it Wendy Carlos yet when this was done or was it Walter? [audio:carlos.mp3]

Watch out, it’s a blog post about the weather!

Well not completely it isn’t, but it was 3f this morning, with a wind chill of around -13 so I suppose maybe it would be worth mentioning? But then again, probably not since everyone else around the country had exceptionally low temperatures today. It’s just that when you have to get to work either by […]

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