sub specie aeternitatis

It’s, um, Wet

Such a gloomy Easter. Cold and dreary. Bored. So threw together a mashup up wet sounds from Freesound. Dunno if its really that interesting, but it killed some time nonetheless. Uses these samples (plus a bit more of my own stuff): rainonleaves heavyrain Griffey Park Stream Raining in Corolla [audio:Wet.mp3] Download

Mighty Final Fight

from Mighty Final Fight [audio:mff.mp3]

Amy Winehouse

Discovered Amy Winehouse tonight. I like it.

Simpsons on Evolution

The funniest Simpsons clip I’ve seen in forever. [youtube DWyMBnfjQKI]

Dee Dee

Finally, an evening off together with no studying or practicing. Siam House was okay, my curry being not that great and my wife’s fried rice pretty good. Went to the library, then Kohl’s, and then Petsmart. my wife, the uber cat lover, always has to go see the cats that are up for adoption. The […]

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