sub specie aeternitatis


So I thought I’d create my own tumblr site: 631

Stupid Taxes

Finally finished my taxes. Had to file for the IRS, Indiana, and Arkansas. Such a pain in the ass. Funny how I am such a technophile, but still do my taxes by hand. Guess with the schedule d’s, 1’s, and any other extra special schedules I get to file it seems trying to do it […]

Losing the Flow

I worked 9 hours today. 4 at lunch. 5 at dinner. Came away with $120 in cash. Little over $13/hour. Not bad for a student job, I spose. Lost the flow of things at dinner, though. There are a number of factors that contribute to how smoothly you can take care of your tables, and […]

Lazy Sunday

I started my audio engineering lessons tonight. Andrew came over and we started with the very basics. I don’t think I learned anything really that amazing, but it was a great start and overview of what I hope I will be learning in the weeks to come. I’ve always been so interested in this stuff, […]

Orbital in the Evening.

This one has some great moments. I can’t say I’m completely in love with it, but overall I like it. I think more than anything it just fits my mood at the moment. [audio:sunrise.mp3]

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