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Silent Library

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Creative block, I guess they call it. I just can’t seem to do anything else with this, so I’ll file it in my ‘incomplete’ box. [audio:2707.mp3]

Damn, I’ve got it good

Watching something like this documentary makes you realize how good it is to not live in hell. Did you know that in North Korea that when someone breaks a law, his entire family including 3 following generations are punished by being sent to prison camps? And did you know that in these prison camps they […]


I was playing some Quake 3 and listening to chip tunes last night. So maybe it is kind of pathetic to think of a lost friend by playing a video game while listening to cheezy musak, but it does. It’s good to look back once in a while, just as long as you don’t try […]

Funny Recent Videos (nsfw)

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