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Answer: It’s Actually From an Early 20th Century Ballet

Okay, sorry for the trick question. Yesterday’s excerpt actually came from a piece by Igor Stravinsky called The Right of Spring. And to be more specific, it comes from the introduction to Part II of this ballet. But why does it sound just like the music from Tatooine in Star Wars IV? Wikipedia has an […]

Question: Which Sci-Fi Movie is This From?

Answer this musical question correctly and you will receive super extra awesome bonus points of happiness. Which Sci-Fi movie is this sound-clip from? (answer coming tomorrow) [audio:whoknows.mp3]

We’re Sorry, But Free (and more secure!) Operating Systems Aren’t Allowed

I first saw these types of warnings when I started using Mozilla several years back. Firefox now has enough clout that most financial sites support it. But I suppose the same can’t be said of Linux. *sigh* Linux is waaay more secure than Windows, and don’t even try to tell me that by somehow using […]

Guide to Slax on a USB Drive

Update 4-20-09: This guide is rather old and out dated.  There is a newer version of MySlax creator at a new address. I’ve mentioned before how MySlax Creator makes it simple to install Slax to a USB drive. Since I use Slax on my USB key whenever I use the computer lab at school, I […]

Windows EULA: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Mr. Laporte and Mr. Thurrott, I couldn’t agree more: [audio:ww3.mp3]

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