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Brian Will on Net Neutrality

From this post comes this great analogy of the net neutrality debate: Imagine that your power company decides that it wanted to open a line of supermarkets. At the same time, it sends out an announcement that supermarkets (due to their refrigeration requirements) are particularly heavy users of the electrical system, and as a result, […]

Konakkol Ensemble in Devdas?

My boss at the Afghan restaurant I work at is a huge movie buff. There is hardly a movie I can find that he hasn’t already seen. He is also a big fan of Bollywood films, and one of the biggest movies in recent history was Devdas. I am always curious in different culture’s movies […]

For the 100th Time, Digital Piracy is NOT the Same as Shoplifting

Charles Cooper, in his latest opinion piece on, argues that the U.S isn’t doing enough to protect companie’s intellectual property in regards to web 2.0. Sites such as Google News and Youtube are successful because they reuse other’s property in a way profitable for themselves. While I agree that creators should be fairly compensated […]

Olbermann: Happy Habeas Corpus Day

[youtube igycXBseoAg]

Some NES Ringtones

I’m sure these can be found elsewhere on the net, but after I got my new cell phone, I edited out some of my own NES ringtones from .nsf files. Thought other people might find them entertaining. Adventures of Lolo Duck Tales Excitebike 1 Excitebike 2 Final Fantasy MegaMan 2.1 MegaMan 2.2 MegaMan 2.3 MegaMan […]

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