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286 vs. Pentium 4

I bought my current computer a little over two years ago. I think I bought it at a really good time, too. Until the release of Intel’s new Core 2 processor, I have felt no need to upgrade my computer since the 3ghz my processor runs at has been more than efficient for everything I’ve […]

Oh Pa Pa Da: Dizzy Scatting

From this cd, comes today’s excerpt featuring Dizzy Gillespie scatting. Just for fun, ’cause it makes me smile. [audio:dizzy.mp3]

Friday Afternoon Links

One DRM database to rule them all Your every move at the airport could soon be tracked? Mmmm.. Blue Screen of Death. . Bush Tag Cloud

Google Doesn’t Own All Video on the Internet

Sure, Google is plopping down an inordinate amount of money on Youtube, giving them control over so much video content on the net. But they don’t own all of it yet. Here are some sites offering up nice animated alternatives to Youtube (although I bet a good deal of it ends up there anyways). Amanita […]

Japan Looking to Install 10Tbit Backbone

Oh, if only the following paragraph were describing broadband in the U.S NTT says it needs to step up from its current DWDM backbone, which multiplexes 10-Gbit/s signals, to a 10-Tbit/s network that can support multiple 100-Gbit/s channels because “data traffic has been doubling every year due to the rapid spread of broadband access.” NTT […]

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