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MySlax Creator – Howto Install Slax to a USB Drive

Update 4-20-09: This post is old and outdated.  A newer version of MySlax Creator is here. I spent a great deal of time (and to no avail) yesterday trying to get Kubuntu installed on my USB key. I found a few forum posts at the Ubuntu forums explaining how it was done, but, what with […]

Want really fast broadband? Don’t live in the U.S

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the (non)choice between 6mpbs DSL for $45 and 6mpbs Cable for $45, you should really spend some time reading over this report by the Consumer Federation, Consumers Union, and Free Press entitled “Broadband Reality Check II”. It’s 44 pages long, but has some rather infuriating facts about broadband in […]

Late Night Music

Can’t. . sleep. Feel. . ug. Browsing music collection. . . Forgot I liked this. . well. . ‘cept maybe that. . annoying french horn part. . some day. . won’t. . have to. . work at friggin’. . deli. . at 7am. . . [audio:Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet – III Allegro grazioso.mp3]

CCMixter Editors Pick

I was most pleasantly surprised to find my latest (or really first ever) remix of a track (this being Brad Suck’s Sick as a Dog) was an Editor’s pick. I must say, though, that I did spend a very great deal of time tweaking the track over a period of two weeks until I thought […]

I Hate Insight Broadband

Broadband in the U.S sucks. Really, really sucks. Internet providers (especially big name franchines) provide second rate customer service attached to third rate speeds and charge whatever prices they damn well please. And since you don’t really have any choice in providers, what can you do? Go back to dial-up? Your advertised speed may be […]

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