sub specie aeternitatis

ChronoPotter (or, a bored afternoon)

The sad results of a free afternoon. Oh, and no, I really don’t know much of anything about video compression, so please excuse the horrible quality to file size ratio. Download Video: ChronoPotter

ccmixter music – hisboyelroy

There really is some great music being produced with a Creative Commons License. This is a great example. see hisboyelroy’s page Download Audio: Hisboyelroy – Remember the Name [audio:fortminor_-_hisboyelroy_-_Remember_(hisboyelroy_s_cinematrik_rework).mp3]

DragonForce: Just the Right Amount of Cheese

So this may be a bit cheesy, but its just not too cheesy. Just perfect in fact. I love it. DragonForce

CNN International: Actually Informative

North Korea, one of the worst contries in the world to be a citizen, tested some nuclear missles today. Big news in every media venue. CNN, however, pulled out a bit of a surprise and replaced their usual coverage with that of CNN International. I must say that if CNNI is any indication of what […]

Who Says 18th Century Harpsichord Music is Dull?

This incredibly fun and mostly kick ass harpsichord cadenza is from the 1st movement of Bach’s Bradenburg Concerto No.5. Some info according to Wikipedia: This concerto makes use of a popular chamber music ensemble of the time (flute, violin, and harpsichord). It is believed that it was written in 1719, to show off a new […]

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